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Get Started Growing A High Brix Garden

1.  Request a Garden Information Package

We are happy to send it to you free of charge.
Click here to request your free Garden Information Package.

2.  Take a Soil Test

Use ‘Garden Soil Test Order Form’ instructions on how to sample the soil and specify which tests the lab should complete.

Soil Test Order Form

3.  Get Your Custom Blend Formulated

a.  By one of our dealers
b.  By yourself according to the recommended recipe

4.  Apply Nutrient Drenches and Foliar Sprays As Suggested


Dealers for High Brix GardensIf you're interested in purchasing High Brix Gardens products, please contact one of our dealers nearest you and order directly.

Audio Downloads

DownloadsDownloads are available of mp3 recordings & transcripts of past teleseminars. We'll be adding new downloads on a regular basis.

Brix Chart

brix-chart-homeDownload the High Brix Chart originally developed by Dr. Carey Reams.

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