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The primary purpose of is to be a resource for your gardening knowledge, health, and well being. We believe that it can be realized by learning about the theories of High Brix gardening and applying them in your own garden.



What Is Brix?

Brix is a term popularized by Carey Reams and has become the gold standard to measure plant and food quality. Measuring the brix level is quick, simple, and fairly inexpensive. The instrument used to obtain a brix reading is the refractometer.



Getting Started

Wanting to get started on growing a High Brix Garden? Here are the steps you need to take.


With Jon C. Frank & Lynn Hoag

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Newly Recorded:  2-Day "Hands On" Garden Workshop focusing on growing nutrient dense foods. Jon Frank co-teaches with Lynn Hoag (Sun Country Gardens Master Gardener).

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DownloadsDownloads are available of mp3 recordings & transcripts of past teleseminars. We'll be adding new downloads on a regular basis.

Brix Chart

brix-chart-homeDownload the High Brix Chart originally developed by Dr. Carey Reams.

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