The Case FOR Nutrient Dense Foods - The Case AGAINST Genetically Modified Foods

Dr. Arden Andersen--soil scientist, physician, and world-renowned consultant in sustainable agriculture--has graciously granted International Ag Labs permission to make this CD available to you.

The message in this CD is for today and one that every discerning American needs to hear. Arden does a remarkable job of explaining the role that food quality and nutrient density play in keeping us healthy and the importance of knowing where your food is coming from and making sure it comes from a pure source that's not contaminated with pesticides, fungicides, harmful chemicals, and genetically modified seeds.

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In this telephone interview I had the privilege of discussing with Lynn Hoag how he has planted fruit trees for over 40 years by a unique method that he learned when he was a young teenager. The results are astounding as the pictures below will attest to. More information on the two trees are given in the download. The small tree was planted by U.S. Forestry method and the big tree was planted by the method described in the teleseminar. And yes both trees were planted on the same day and both were just 6 inches tall when planted 3 1/2 years prior to taking the pictures.

Small TreeBig Tree

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