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What is the difference between health and disease? What is the fundamental cause of disease? What is true health and how do foods fit into this matrix? The answer to these and many other perplexing problems can be summed up in one word: energy. It is energy that determines the degree of health or disease. It is the lack of energy that causes disease while the right kind of energy causes us to be healthy. Food is an energy package that can push us toward health or away from it. Energy is associated with the minerals in foods. Thus the higher the mineral density in foods, the higher the energy available to the body. This balance of energy can be termed nutrition. Sickness and disease are the result of a nutritional deficiency—not a drug deficiency.

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Victory Gardens for the 21st Century

The mention of Victory Gardens brings back many memories from years gone by of tremendous national unity, patriotism, and hardship. The younger generation may not have even heard the name.

Victory Gardens were a symbol and practical expression of America resolutely united in its effort to defeat Nazism and Fascism. While men served in overseas combat those that remained planted a garden so sufficient food was available for the men in combat. People sacrificed with “Meatless Mondays” and “Wheatless Wednesdays” so the soldiers would have adequate food on the battlefields. More than just a garden, Victory Gardens were a rallying point—a practical way to help firm American unity and resolve to win the war.

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What is Brix?

Brix is a term popularized by Carey Reams. When used on plant sap it is primarily a measure of the carbohydrate level in plant juices. The instrument used to obtain a brix reading is the refractometer. Refractometers come in two basic styles, optical and digital. Both types work great. Here is how a refractometer is used: squeeze out some sap from a plant, put 2 drops of the juice on the prism, close the prism cover, point to a light source, focus the eye piece, and read the measurement. The brix reading is indicated where the light and dark fields intersect.  

What part of the plant is used for taking a brix reading? Whatever part you eat if it is ripe. If it is not ripe take the most recent mature leaves that have had full sunlight for at least 2 hours. Ideally measurements should be taken at the same time of day as you compare throughout the growing season.

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